EKOPISCINE has been developing and designing filtration systems since 1991 with experience ranging from the private to the public sector and a special focus on practicality but also clean aesthetics of our work.
Without dwelling too much on this, check out our work and see the details.


Materials used for skimmer/infinity pools

Reinforced PVC liner, thickness MM 1,5:
Alkorplan 2000 and elbe 2000 (surface varnishing with 2 layers of stain-resistant transparent varnish)
Alkorplan 3000 (surface varnishing with 4 layers of stain-resistant transparent varnish)
Mosaic covering: "see the company Trend"

Materials used for ecological pools

Resin-coated quartz sand (basic products: white marble Carrara, green marble from the Alps, sand marble from Verona, grey marble from mountain areas) by changing the percentage of one these products we obtain the desired or softened color.

Mosaic covering

We use mosaics of the company TREND for our mosaic coverings.


Pool cover systems

System with remote-controlled PVC rolling shutter available in standard colors (white, sand, blue, light blue, transparent), or PVC sheet (240 grams per square meter) coated on both sides with a UV-protective film.


We create decorative ponds for every need.


We create fountains for every need.

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